+ 'our thoughts, of course, are with everyone on the east coast', craig ferguson shares, 'who are preparing for hurricane irene. in washington dc thousands have been left without power, they are called democrats! ha ha ha! no no, they are battening down the hatches in new york. the experts are saying that this could be the biggest disaster in new york since spider-man the musical! no, this hurricane is not a joke, its already a category 3. its been called irene. now, back in the 50's and 60's all the hurricanes had female names, but not today. they alternate today between a man then a woman, then a man, then a woman. remind you of anyone? if you dont know anything about hurricanes, they start out as tropical depressions, its a meteorological term for a bunch of clouds that got together and were like 'i dont care...' then they start spinning around engorging themselves on moist tropical air, and before you know it the local weatherman has a huge boner yelling 'everybody kiss their ass goodbye!' thats the technical description of a hurricane. weather like this is a change from where i grew up. weather in scotland is crap, but its gentle crap. you dont have mega storms. its just constantly moist. by the way, constantly moist is the new name of my pink floyd cover band!'

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