craig ferguson's visit to paris continues!
+ 'hey, its a great day for america everybody', craig ferguson shares, 'its another great day here in paris. i am here at the famous art museum the louvre. the proper french pronunciation is 'loovra', kind of like the way you say brett favre. and just like brett favre's iphone, the louvre is packed with famous penises. the louvre has more than four thousand pieces of art that show parts of the naked body. one art expert recently concluded that the louvre has more depictions of bare breasts than any other museum in the world, except perhaps the clinton library.'
+ cher homme d'aqua
craig shares a cool story about a bridge in paris called pont des arts. it seems that people have been visiting this bridge for years and leaving behind padlocks as a symbol of love on the fence of the bridge. the place is now plastered with thousands of locks! craig even found a lock that had been placed there many years ago by his boss and his wife. how romantic, huh?
+ michael caine in space in paris
criag sits in front of the tuileries garden and chats with jean-michel cousteau. they even rent a couple motor boats and tool around in the fountain!
on the bus
+ craig goes into cantin affireur, a french cheese shop, and tries some of the different cheeses- even the stinky ones!
+ sean connery's parisian memories
dinner with kristen bell and jean reno

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