+ 'its very exciting if you love the broadway shows', craig ferguson states, 'but this season on broadway is great, they've got a musical version of bonnie and clyde coming up which will go along with the musical version of spider-man, which is actually doing well! anyway, we've got our own broadway here on the west coast, right now in the middle of the desert, burning man is going on. if you dont know what burning man is, its hard to explain. its very hard for people to explain what burning man is, usually because the people trying to explain burning man are very high! its where 50,000 people get together to make music and make art and express themselves. and by 'express themselves' i mean get naked. although, guys, if you are going to burning man, be honest with yourselves, its not about looking at art and running around, its about trying to see naked women in the desert. and then you go and its just dudes! i might go, actually...'
* lynette rice writer for entertainment weekly

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