welcome to france! this week craig ferguson takes 'the late late show' to paris!
+ the show starts off with a song and dance number, they lip-sync a pretty crazy french song (a fun song called 'i am the king of the divan' by plastic bertrand)
+ for the show's theme song, criag sings it out in a park in paris with a couple frenchmen accompanied on a piano and a stand up bass. cool!
+ 'thanks a lot everybody, thanks a lot completely fake audience that isnt there, just like when we do the show in california', craig ferguson states as he stands in front of the eiffel tower, 'welcome to paris france! i am your host, tv's craig ferguson! its a great day for america everybody, its a great day for us because we made it here to paris with the tiny amount of money we had. we spent it on coach airfares and one creusant. we dont have a studio and we dont have any lighting, but that never stopped us in america and thats not going to stop us here!'
+ michael caine in space- in paris
- kristen bell craig's favorite guest came along with for the trip! hopefully she and geoff peterson can get along...
+ on the bus- a short segment where craig, geoff, and kristen all wander through the city on the second level of a french double decker bus.
+ craig reads tweets and emails with sylvia whitman, the owner of shakespeare and co. english bookstore in paris.

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