craig ferguson in paris week continues!
+ craig takes a tour of shakespeare and co. english bookstore. we even get to meet the shop dog collette!
+ sean connery's parisian memories
+ 'its a great day for america, everybody', craig ferguson shares, 'and another great day here in france. i am in the legendary palace of versailles, built by louis the 14th who was called 'the sun king' because he loved sun chips. i read it on wikipedia. this is why i love america, because now a days you dont have to be royalty to enjoy a delicious savory snack. now the room everyone talks about is the hall of mirrors, 357 mirrors. its dazzling! its like someone skinned a disco ball and laid it flat! i could never live here, its hard enough leaving my house with one mirror, i'm like 'does this make my ass look fat', could you imagine living here? there are so many statues around the palace that, in order to not sound like an idiot, you just make stuff up about the statue and people believe it.' craig then goes around the palace and makes up some great crazy stories about the different statues he sees! he also goes to the public bedroom of the queen. craig and kristen bell act out what might happen in in the queen's bedroom- kristen as the queen and craig as draco malffoy, the queens secret lover!
+ on the bus
+ tweets and emails on the bridge
+ dinner with kristen bell and jean reno

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