craig ferguson continues his week in paris!
+ wavey, the crocadillio, introduces the episode with rants about biting ladies legs and catching birds...
+ 'i'm here standing in front of the cathedral of notre dame here in france', craig ferguson shares, 'the full name of the notre dame is 'notre dame de paris', which means 'our lady of paris'. a title i would like to have myself some day! this, notre dame, is the finest example of goth architecture in france. french goths come here and then go shop at 'le hot topic'. construction began on the cathedral in 1163, and it was completed in 1645. notre dame is famous for its gargoyles. a gargoyle is a grotesque figure that scares away evil spirits, we have the same thing in america, we call it randy quaid. many people dont know that gargoyles are a relatively modern invention. they were installed in the 19th century. they werent put in to scare away evil spirits, they were put in to scare away mimes!'
on the bus
+ sean connery's perisian memories
emails and tweets at shakespeare and co. english bookstore
tour d'argent- criag goes to visit a really old wine cellar at night wearing a dracula cape for some reason.
+ cher homme d'aqua- dear aquaman in french
craig shops through the streets of paris with kristen bell and eddie izzard.
michael caine in space in paris
raphael, a street magician, shows craig a neat trick!
+ craig and kristen sit down and have dinner with jean reno and discuss the differences between the french and americans.

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