+ 'its labor day weekend of course, very exciting', craig ferguson states, 'the summer is not actually officially over, but as far as hollywood is concerned, its the end of the summer. there's no more summer movies, thats it. the only movies opening today are the low budget horror movies. i had a bad experience the last time i saw a horror movie, i peed myself. i dont mean in the movie, i mean right now just as i remembered it! no, the movies opening today are 'apollo 18', which is about scary stuff on the moon, and 'shark night 3D'. i have no idea what its about, its probably about sharks. at night. cause sharks are not scary enough during the day, apparently. 'come on, lets swim over there near these sharks' 'are you mad? they are sharks!' 'yeah, but there's still plenty of daylight left. we'll swim over near the sharks, then we will go back to the beach and then we'll go up to dracula's castle. it'll be fine, its daytime!' 'why do i hang out with you, you're a lunatic' 'yeah, but its daytime!'.'

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