careful, icarus

craig ferguson and geoff peterson have recently become obsessed with the line 'careful, icarus'. but why? craig explains 'see what happened is geoff was tweeting, he was on the tweety and was tweety tweet tweet about how awesome he is and how great a job he does, and then someone tweeted him back and said 'careful, icarus' and he got all mad! you got all mad didnt you?'
'i got worked up, man!' geoff responds.
the two of them spend the rest of the episode warning each other to be 'careful, icarus'! this was some of the funniest banter between craig and geoff in a long time- hilarious!
one example: 'its labor day weekend! hurray! i'm excited, i get three days away from here! oh, thats right, two days cause i dont get monday off because i'm an immigrant!'
'careful, icarus' geoff taunts.
'that was my name and they made me change it when i came through ellis island! i came through and they said 'name' and i said 'icarus', they said 'no no, that will never work in late night'.
'its the late late show with icarus!' geoff retorts.

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