cbs twitter contest

hey, want to win a useless silver sharpie? well you are in luck!
'i'm in a conundrum', craig ferguson confesses, 'i'm in a quandry, i'm having something of a dilemma. heres the thing, geoff and i like to play this game before the show with the audience, we say 'cbs' and then we make up things that cbs could stand for. and i just made up a really rude one! they said 'you better not say that on the air!' and i thought 'oh no!' so i thought the thing we should do is have a competition! what to do is go on the tweety or send me an email and write 'cbs' and put what you think it stands for. and the best one will win cbs! i've just heard that cbs cannot offer itself up as a prize, legally. but the prize you will win...' craig goes back to his desk to find something to offer as a prize, 'this lovely thing'. once he realizes its a retractable pointer pen, he says 'oh, its for pointing! no, thats too awesome, you cant have this!' then craig puts it back and grabs something else. he grabs a silver sharpie. 'i will give you this lovely silver nonspecific pen. so, just write in with your best ideas for what 'cbs' stands for. the best one, the one we like will win this pen!'
if you have some 'cbs' ideas, then sent him a comment on his twitter here, or email him at the show here!

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