+ 'its a great day if you like the hockey', craig ferguson shares, 'you know the old skate and sticks, the oval circle, the puck top soccer, the canadian baseball, the ice-aroni. you know what i'm talking about. the nhl playoffs started tonight. here in l.a. the l.a. kings are taking on the san jose sharks. i'm a bit of an l.a. kings fan, i wasnt when i first came here, cause having to cheer for kings is part of the reason i left the old country, but i came around eventually. they havent been around that long, but l.a. kings fans can be fierce. literally fierce, like 'i love a man with no teeth!'. but to be honest i'm glad l.a. hockey fans arent as intense as canadian hockey fans. this is true, right now in canada they are thinking about postponing an important political debate because its going to conflict with a hockey game. can you believe that? an entire nation is willing to put democracy on hold to watch burly guys smash each other in the face. that is awesome! we salute you canada, you've got your priorities right!'

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