+ 'its not a great day if you like the online poker', craig ferguson informs, 'over the weekend the department of justice shut down the biggest online poker sites for violating u.s. laws. poker players said they never saw this coming, but thats probably because they are wearing thos stupid little sunglasses. now, a lot of people have been affected by this shut down, 10 million americans go online for poker. to give you an idea how many that is, take the number of americans who go online for pornography, and subtract about a billion. you know what got the poker sites in trouble for breaking the law? its the same law that prevents the banks from transferring money to off shore accounts. now, if i've learned anything over the past couple years, is that uncle sam is not going to allow banks to screw the american people over. 'hey, wait a minute, craig, was that a jab at the hypocracy of busting tiny poker sites while wall street runs riot?' i'm not sure.'

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