+ today marks the first anniverary of geoff peterson! he's been on the show as craig ferguson's sidekick for a year now!
+ 'its not a great day if you are one of the millions of americans who recently had their identities stolen. to avoid identity theft i keep my internet info where no one can find it: on the cbs website for this show! anyway, heres what happened: over the weekend a marketing company called epsilon got their databases broken into by hackers. now hackers sold everyone's information to criminals who use it to go phishing. thats phishing with a 'ph', like the crappy greatful dead cover band. i look forward to your letters, your long patchouli scented letters. get a hair cut, hippies! anyway, phishing is when someone sends you a link to a fake version of a real website, then uses it to ask you for sensitive information, and you give them the sensitive information. and before you know it- bam! you are sucked into a computer, you are trapped in a glowing maze gobbling pills and being chased by ghosts! thats pac-man. i dont really know how the internet works.'

+ dear aquaman

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