+ 'the pulitzers were announced today', craig ferguson shares, 'the big winner in today's pulitzers was the l.a. times. well done, l.a. times! now, the l.a. times, if you dont know, is what we call a newspaper, its what people used to read before blogs. the l.a. times has been an institution in this town for 130 years, almost as long as cher. the l.a. times won the pulitzer for public service. the opposed some sleazy politicians. can you believe that? a politician thats sleazy? what?!? next you will be telling us that wall street is corrupt, that ricky martin is gay, that pro wrestling is fake, that o.j. is guilty, that tom cruise is a leprechaun, that kloe kardashian is a man. anyway, what they did was bust a few sleazy politicians. these guys were from a working class town in california called bell. what they were doing was raising taxes to give themselves huge bonuses and they caught them because the l.a. times caught them with their hands in the cookie jar. its nice to know, though, that good journalism is alive and well. the sad truth is that people dont really buy the newspaper anymore. i used to love the morning ritual of walking down the driveway, greeting the newspaper guy, letting my robe fall open accidentally...'

* astronomer derrick pitts

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