+ 'do you like the popular music?' craig ferguson asks, 'i do, i listen to all the happenin' bands, the black eyed peanuts, the lady gagas, the jonas brothers. are they still around? they have got to be in their 50's by now. anyway, whats happening is that phychologists have been studying popular music to see what it says about us a society and they have reached this conclusion: we are all narcissists. you know, someone who is vein, egotistical, all about me me me. the psychologists say popular music today is all about bragging, all about 'i' and 'me' and older music was about 'we' and 'us'. me, i just like the idea of psychologist studying song lyrics like 'my hypothesis: well i dont know what you heard about me, but a bitch cant get a dollar out of me, im a p-i-m-p.' now you've got to remember that these are psychologists, not psychiatrists. a psychologist is somebody who doesnt feel the need to waste all that time at medical school. you know what a psychologist looks like: dr. phil! awe, he thinks he's a real doctor! according to these psychologists we are all suffering from narcissism, where we only think of ourselves. now the word 'narcissism' was coined by sigmond freud, who was a real doctor. now, freud wouldnt say we only think of ourselves, he would say we only think about penises. which of coarse is nonsense, thats hard to believe. thats a complete fallacy. i would hold that as a boner of contention'.

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