big craig theory

during the special episode devoted to the cast of 'big bang theory', craig ferguson started off the show with a skit on the set of big bang theory! he was in the living room with all the four guys from the show, all in character, as they grilled him in an interview to see if he gets to be their new friend. it was a really funny big where sheldon asks craig a bunch of questions to see if he is nerdy enough to be accepted, questions ranged from star wars knowledge to listing all the stretchy superheroes! craig doesnt end up fairing so well and is asked to leave. he leaves saying 'see you guys in a few minutes on the show'.
one of the funniest back and forths with the guys was this:
leonard asks 'so craig, what do you do for a living?'
craig replies 'i host the late late show with craig ferguson.'
'i see. and what time is that on?'
'12:37 am'
sheldon then asks 'given that am stands for anti meridian, wouldnt it more logically be called 'the early early show with craig ferguson'?'
'i dont know' craig answers
'the answer is yes. minus eight points'
'i didnt know there was going be a test!' craig exclaims
leonard chimes in 'then you're really not going to like the physical...'

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