+ the show starts off with craig ferguson on the set of 'big bang theory' trying to become friends with the guys.
+ 'tonight is big bang theory night!' criag ferguson exclaims, 'we've got everybody, weve got jim parsons is here, johnny galicki is here, simon helber is here, kunal nayyar is here. kaley couco wont be joining us today, i'm sorry. she broke her leg. anyway, if youve spent the past few years in a cave and dont know the big bang theory, let me explain it to you. not the show, the theory. the theory is very simple really, about 14 million years ago there was a bang. and it was really big. basically the idea behind it is that we are living in an explosion. we are in a constantly expanding universe, its like we are living in a giant explosion. its as if the entire universe were contained in larry king's pants. the big bang theory of the universe is very controversial when it came out. albert einstein didnt believe it at first. he said the universe has been the same size forever. he eventually saw the error of his ways and called it 'the biggest blunder of his life'. i'm like 'really?' thats the biggest blunder? you disagreed with a couple scientists for a while? you never drunk dialed an ex girlfriend? 'hey, this is albert, how you doing? this is a booty call, can i come over and split your atom?' anyway, the guys from the big bang theory are here today!'
+ jim parsons stops by to help answer the tweets and emails
+ michael caine in space. the idea is expanded on and michael caine is on a space ship with simon helberg and kunal nayyar from 'big bang theory'.

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