+ 'its a great day if you are a foodie', craig ferguson shares, 'you know, as apposed to people who dont like food... its a great day if you like food, and you are in serbia. that narrows it down a little bit, i guess. but, in serbia, this is a true thing- i'm not making this up just so i can say this- they are having the world testicle cooking championship. that is absolutely true! you can look it up on the computer! (he's right, you can find it here) and when you find it on the computer, you will know its true. it is, at the world testicle cooking championship you can eat things like osterage balls, kangaroo balls, really! goat balls, and me stuck here! not for the first time have i thought 'oh, if only i could be in serbia!' the world testicle cooking championship is a real thing, and its easy to find. once you get to serbia its right next to the worlds angriest zoo. anyway, the winning receipe was announced earlier tonight: nard boiled eggs. with a side of scrotatoes. all right, thats enough. i'll let the ball thing drop. its not just about eating testicles, theyve got other stuff going on too. they've got the sack races, theyve got a big gala ball. this is a big event, people go nuts over this thing!'

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