+ 'its a great day for me because i just got back from san francisco' craig ferguson shares, 'i was in san francisco this weekend and i spend the weekend doing all the things san francisco is known for... well, not all of them! i went on the cable cars, i ate in terrific restaurants, i sucked in the crisp scent of alcatraz. call me, al catraz. know i know why they call him the rock! i barely escaped him. i was in san francisco because i was doing stand up comedy, cause i need a second job- this is cbs... on saturday i hung out with adam savage from mythbusters, he lives up there. he knows all about the mean streets of san francisco, the long windy streets paved with tofu and rice a roni. priuses as far as the eye can see! adam took me to a restaurant called 'foreign cinema' which is fantastic! they play movies while you eat. its like a combination of restaurant and drive in movie. it was like i was watching tv at home, except you cant take your pants off. i found out the hard way. i was like 'come on, its san francisco!' and they are like 'it is san francisco, but people are eating, fatty. if you want to take your pants off you can do some squats first, mister!'.'
+ cooking with sean connery
+ dear aquaman, featuring tim gunn

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