+ 'its friday and that means there are some big movies coming out', craig ferguson reminds us, 'the movie that really intrigues me this weekend is 'easy a'. its a comedy about a high school girl who gets branded as 'easy' by her classmates. its based on nathanial hawthorne's 1850 novel 'the scarlet letter', because nothing says box office magic like a hundred and sixty year old novel by an angry new england moralist! well, if you watch the commercials for the movie you wont see anything about it being based on a massive work of american literature. the kids dont want to learn anything in movies! except maybe that vampires have feelings too... i mean, i dont know how long that shit is going to go on. when will it end? i mean, i dont want to get on your case, young folks of america, but couldnt we have a bit of rebellion or something? please! anyway, when they update the old movies, old movies like this from books, old things, stories... you know what i mean: when they have to update it. it was set in 1850 but things are different now, they have to account for technology. it doesnt have the same weight, its like if they updated romeo and juliet, romeo has to tweet his love for juliet 'omg, parents think you are a whore lmao!'. thats what i mean. now, i know what you are thinking: 'why do the studios make movies out of the old books, craig?', i hear you say quietly. i'll tell you why: old novels like the scarlet letter are in public domain, there is no copywright, they are free, they can use the story free. they are as free as the cds in starbucks. they are free, right?'

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