+ before the show, craig ferguson gives some acting advice to his new fellow cbs star william shatner!
+ 'its a great day for mexico because today is mexican independence day! or as its known in arizona, thursday. i know what you are thinking, 'isnt mexican Independence day on cinco de mayo?' wrong! or as they say in mexico: wrongo! have i pissed off just about everyone today? i have havent i? anyway, cinco de mayo celebrates a mexican victory in a mexican battle that happened fifty years after the mexican independence. today is mexicos bicentennial. 200 years old. you still look good mexico, your maracas are still perky! i'm 48 and mine are starting to sag! anyway, look, congratulations mexico, two centuries free of spanish domination. now some people think spanish rule couldnt have been that bad because spanish people talk with lisps. its true, in mexican spanish you pronounce the 's', but in catilian spanish they pronounce the 's' with a lisp. 'thurender or fath the conthiquenthes!' people in l.a. were flying mexican flags all over today. the mexican flag is almost identical to the italian flag, both go red, white, green. the way you can tell a difference is the mexican flag has a coat of arms on it, and the italian flag just has hands going 'whas a come and a go!'.'
+ william shatner (things got really weird, as you can tell from the photo...)

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