+ in the opening bit james lipton interviews craig ferguson on his amazing acting techniques used in a 'murder, she wrote 2010' clip with alfred molina. very funny!
+ 'there is some stuff going on thats not so good for new york city. the authorities of new york say there is an infestation of disgusting and impossible to kill pests. thats right, the jersey shore kids are in town! no, its things that are even more frightening than snookie after three vodka martinis. i'm talking about bed bugs, they are all over new york and its a big problem! do you know that bed bugs can live for a year without feeding- they are kind of like supermodels. last month the cbs building in new york was infested with bed bugs. the exterminators figured out where they were, they were in andy rooney's eyebrows. the majority of modern bed bugs are found in mattresses, which makes me wonder why dont they make mattresses that are resistant to bed bugs? then again, i'm still like why dont they make a mattress out of donuts? that would be awesome, if you are hungry in the middle of the night, you could just roll over! i'd go through a mattress a week. bed bugs arent new, they have actually plagued mankind for centuries, in olden times bed bugs were known as 'wall lice', 'red coats', and 'crimson ramblers'. by the way, crimson ramblers is the name of a marxist folk group i once belonged to...'

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