+ 'i'm glad the summer is over', craig ferguson admits, 'it was hot. it was too hot. it was the hottest summer on record in 34 states. here in l.a. people were getting boob jobs just for the shade! of course, for most people labor day means firing up the grill, but i had to work today like most immigrants. you know, just for once i would like to spend labor day biting into a juicy wiener. then i would go to a barbecue... school kids are on holiday today. i'm like 'you just had the whole summer off and now you get a three day weekend?' they get as much vacation as the fucking president gets! anyway, labor day was created by grover cleaveland, he started it in 1894. he wanted to give american workers a day off after a long hot summer. he announced it on larry king live at the time. but its changed over the years. today we celebrate the american worker by sitting on a beach chair that was made in china. ooh, commentary! yes... heres one thing i never understood about labor day: how did celebrating labor organization become associated with fashion tips? its all about fashion on labor day. dont wear white after labor day, dont wear black with brown after labor day, dont wear assless chaps to the super market. maybe thats just me... dont wear a bacon thong to the dog park, dont wear a sombrero in arizona.'

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