+ 'what i'm looking forward to this week is sunday', craig ferguson shares, 'because sunday is grandparents day. i'm very excited about this, its the day we celebrate the old folks. or as cbs calls it, sweeps. i know i'm a few days early, but lets hear it for grandparents! i said, LETS HEAR IT FOR GRANDPARENTS! everyone please call your grandparents this weekend, so they cant complain that their grandkids dont call. that can be a problem. but there is usually blame on both sides, a lot of grandkids call their grandparents but the grandparents answer the blender! 'hello? what? stop yelling, robot man!' grandparents day actually became officially recognized in the 70's. now, it would be easy to dismiss grandparents day as one of those fake holidays like second cousins day, or landscape professionals day, or valentines day. thats right, i said it- valentines day is a scam! cupid doesnt care about you, hes a little diaper wearing bitch! there i said it! anyway, it would be easy to dismiss grandparents day, but that would be wrong. grandparents are america's most precious natural resource. well, gold, gold is probably. and then oil. and then forests. large areas of agricultural farmland. grandparents are important is what i'm saying, they are in the top 50 most important things. i do, i love the elderly, especially when they kickbox on youtube!'
+ donald glover stops by to help with tweets and emails.

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