the must list

every year entertainment weekly makes a list of what is cool and popular this year. it used to be called 'the it list', but a couple years ago they changed it to 'the must list'. either way, our good old friend craig ferguson is on it this year! here is what entertainment weekly had to say:

Craig Ferguson: Must Monologuist
AGE: 47
WHY HIM: CBS' Late Late
Show host gives the most spontaneous, surprising monologues in late night.
REDEFINING THE BUCKET LIST: ''I work out the monologue subjects with the writers, but we don't write actual jokes. It allows for improvisation. One night recently there was a leak in the studio ceiling, and someone had put a ratty old bucket down to catch the drips. I did 10 minutes on that bucket. The audience loved it, 'cause they knew it was spontaneous. So if I can give any future talk-show host advice, it's this: Don't ignore the buckets in life. Speak from your heart about a leaky-ceiling bucket.''
NEXT: His no-holds-barred autobiography (drinking! punk-rock drumming!), titled American on Purpose, will be published in September.
ON HIS MUST LIST: Jeannette Walls' new book, Half Broke Horses.

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