+ a lot of people confuse american idol with america's got talent. they are not the same thing, they are very different. america's got talent isn't just people singing, they've got dancing, they got magicians, they got guys who juggle balls. although to be fair, i think american idol had some guys who juggle balls this season too... anyway, i'm looking at the america's got talent show today, and here's the amazing thing: the winner gets a show in las vegas and a million dollars! you might think 'man, now thats a prize!' right? then you find out the money gets payed out over 40 years. thats true! that means that the winner gets a show in vegas and 25 grand a year. now, according to estimates, 25 grand is a poverty level wage, but its poverty for 40 years- guaranteed! so, even if you win, you loose.
+ craig talks with governor arnold schwarzenegger
- jim parsons a light is out over his head, so he sits in the farther of the two chairs- hilarity ensues!

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