+ 'you know what i'm excited about?' craig ferguson asks the audience, 'the new terminator movie! this is the movie where when they were shooting it christian bale went all shouty on the set. remember that? he was like 'why you...! i aught to... beep!' i remember when i heard the recording i was like 'this is awesome! i love this guy!' people were all up in arms 'oh christian bale screamed and swore on a movie set!' and i'm like 'i dont think he screamed and swore enough!' if you havent heard an actor scream and swear on a movie set its because you haven't spent enough time on a damn movie set, thats what i say. actors are douche bags and a movie set is a high pressure environment! its true! you've got this actor, and he's a terrific actor, christian bale, and your giving him millions of dollars, right? you pay him millions of dollars to be emotionally unstable, to be a conflicted guy. then while he's in the middle of a high pressure situation being all conflicted, he has a tantrum. everybody's like 'he's emotionally unstable!'- that's why your paying him millions of dollars! it's crazy! that man is a good actor!'

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