+ 'over the weekend the president barack obama took his wife michelle out on a date', craig ferguson shares, 'it wasn't like a regular date like you and me, that wasnt good enough for our 44th president. he flew in to new york city, had a fancy dinner, and if that wasnt enough, they went to see a broadway show! now, mr. president, i respect you, but knock it off! you're making the rest of us look bad! some people are outraged by the obama's date, and by some people, i mean the g.o.p. there was an article where they slammed him for it. now, i'm just a vulgar lounge entertainer, i don't know anything, right? i think we can all agree on that. but republicans, may i suggest that slamming the president for being 'romantic' with his wife is not the best way to win back the millions of women who deserted you during the last election!'
+betty white, craig's paper girl, comes to deliver the press
+fozzy bear shows up to help out with the show wrap-up!

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