+ its memorial day! 'what i do on memorial day', craig ferguson shares, 'is the what everybody does on memorial day. three words: bar bee que! we had a cookout right here at CBS, all the CBS employees were there, andy rooney 'agh, i hate things!' andy was at the bbq, he brought the cream corn. jennifer love hewett was there, she brought a couple melons. drew carrey was there, he was in charge of the rest of the food... and i parked the cars. i love bbq though, not just for the food. i love to stand by the hot grill wearing just my speedoes. once i was doing that and i burned my wiener. now, when i say wiener, i mean penis. just soes were clear on this. i dont want you to think 'oh, he burned the sausage'- no! thats not what happened.'
+ michael caine's animal kingdom

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