+ 'on the other side of the world there are riots going on', craig ferguson reminds us, 'crowds are flooding the streets of tehran standing up for a little something called democracy. if you havent been following the story, here it is: last week iran had a presidential election adn president imadinnerjacket was behind in the poles. then, low and behold, which is another way of saying 'then', low and behold, he won big everywhere! the big cities, rural areas, he even won in florida- which is impossible! many iranians think his 'come from behind' victory was rigged. why do they think that? well, the officials at the election ministry have cell phone videos of the ballot boxes being stuffed. that would be proof, in fact. the election results themselves are kind of hard to believe. according to the numbers, both opposition candidates lost in their own home towns. that's like obama loosing in his home city of chicago. i'm not in any way suggesting that iranian politics are as corrupt as chicago, but even blagojavich is like 'these guys are good!'
but what happened was the young people in iran could smell a rat. so they did what all young people do these days- they got on twitter. they are on the twitter and are organizing protests on the twitter. i dont know how they're doing it, i dont know how twitter works. i've said it before, i dont care, its not for me, i'm a geezer. but technology that spreads information quickly is always good for democracy. our american revolution wouldnt have happened without the printing press- the twitter of its day! they made up pamphlets saying 'arent the british bastards?!?' and handed them out. it would have been a lot easier for paul revere if he had twitter! he wouldnt need a horse- just a phone! 'the british are coming! the british are coming! omg! angry
emoticon' send!
- holly hunter
= camera obscura

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