+ this was craig ferguson's 900th episode! wow! after the monologue, as he was walking back to his desk, he slipped on some grease that was on the floor and, in his words, almost died! 'call me lawyers!''you know, a lot of people say to me 'craig' and i'm like 'yeah? what?' they're like 'just hi.' and then other people dont say that, they say 'craig, do you know this? that prince charles is not only the prince of wales in the uk, he's also the king of late night tv in the uk.' i say 'no, that's not true', they say 'yes, it is true', and then they say 'look at this clip!' and i say 'where did you get a clip? we're in starbucks!' apparently you can get clips in starbucks now!' all that just to lead into a new installment of 'the rather late programme with prince charles'
- bryan cranson
= ben kweller

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