betty white

betty white is a frequent guest on 'the late late show with craig ferguson'. she, along with a handful of other regulars, stop by and do sketches with criag after the monologue. craig will say that he has a guest coming on to talk about the something in particular, whether its the head of the girl scouts, or a representative for an airline, or his mail deliverer. then out comes betty pretending to be that person. the skits usually go the same way: craig asks about what she does and it always devolves into some sexual topic, which is always funny to hear betty white talk about sex!
craig himself talks about betty white as a regular on the show:
'betty white is the morgan freeman of comedy. you put her in a movie, it's automatically better! like when morgan freeman is in a movie you think 'well it's got to be good, morgan freeman is in it'. the same with betty white. if betty white is in a movie, it's going to be good! that's why we have her on this show all the time. cause, lets be honest, this is a crap show, but when shes on you go 'finally!' cause you know its going to be funny, and when she leaves, it's time to go to bed!'

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