best guests

as with anyone, craig ferguson has his favorites. as a tv show host he has many, many guests on his show, but there are always those special few who he has a closer bond with. and every time they are on it is television gold! in my opinion, there are three guests in particular who craig seems to enjoy above all others. when they are on you can just tell he is having a blast- and so is the guest! below is a list of (in my opinion) who are his top three guests:

ewan mcgregor- i've seen him as a guest twice now, and each time has been outrageously funny! they obviously have a long history together and are close friends. when ever ewan is on, its absolutely apparent that they are having a blast. they both become like giddy school boys messing around! both times ewan has been on he has done a guest spot on the skit 'espn uk', wearing a wig and a mustache which never stays put. these sketches have become the funniest moments ever on craigs show.

jim parsons- jim comes on fairly regularly due to being on 'the big bang theory', another cbs show. jim and craig are great fun to watch together because jim is a very intellectual person who tries to be funny, and craig, also an intellectual person, plays off that by being even more ridiculous and silly. jim plays it straight and pretends to not get craig, and craig plays it funny pretending not to understand jim- the classic laurel and hardy formula!

billy connelly- obviously another friend of craigs, the two of them have a great chemistry and rapport. i cant quite figure out if its a father/son relationship, or an older brother/younger brother sort of thing, but either way, the two of them riff off each other to great effect!

am i missing anyone? who do you think is the best when they are along side craig?

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