+ 'people are saying this year's american idol is very exciting', craig ferguson informs us, 'cause one of the finalists is adam who wears eyeliner and may or may not be gay. and the other finalist is kris, who doesnt wear eyeliner and may or may not be gay. i think i speak for just about anyone on planet earth when i say they all may or may not be gay! who gives a rats ass if the american idol winner is gay? i don't want to see anyone question anyone on american idol about they're sexuality. unless it's ryan- that will get my attention!
+ simon cowell says he may not return to american idol, so craig imagines him on other shows like sesame street, dancing with the stars, who wants to be a millionaire, deadliest catch, as part of the jonas brothers, 60 minutes, dirty jobs 'this rubbish is rubbish!', the late late show, and cops. very funny!

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