+ 'do you know who's broken more bones than anyone else ever, in the history of bone breaking?' craig asks, 'thats a history, its a real thing. its in the guinness book of world records: evel knievel! that makes me respect him a bit more, as if you need a reason to respect a guy who's mother named him 'evel!' 'and what are you going to call your child, mrs. knievel?' 'we're going to call him evel' 'evel knievel, you say?' 'yes, we're hoping he goes into daredevil stunt riding when he's older'. i like the old daredevil stunt riders like evel knievel, launching motorcycles over school busses, jumping through rings of fire, driving with mel gibson- they were crazy! nobody dared evel to do any of this stuff, he wasnt a daredevil, he did it for his own reasons. he's more of a 'stupid devil'. basically he was just a drunk guy with a motorcycle- which was awesome! remember when he jumped over snake river canyon on his motorcycle? people were saying 'aw, he's cheating cause its really just a motorcycle strapped to a rocket'. oh, you're right, he's cheating, what a cop out, anyone can do that! oh, he's just put a rocket on a motorcycle! thats not cheating, thats clinically insane!'
+ the return of 'michael caine in space'
- sandra bullock
= metric (they were pretty good!)
> david feldman lame

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