craig's band

well, what do you know? looks like craig ferguson and the late late show finally got a band! now they will be just like the rest of the late night shows! well, not exactly... craig's band is a bit different, its just two guys standing over by geoff peterson, the robot skeleton sidekick. one of the guys plays the accordian and the other plays the harmonica. strange, huh? as i watched i wondered if this was just a one time only deal, or if this was going to last. craig addressed that question during his 'what have we learned on the show tonight, craig?' segment when he said: 'you know folks, things on the show tonight, some things went good, and other things we all know didnt go so good. but i, i think back to the first night a young skeleton took the reigns of the podium there, and his first night was pretty awkward too. now look at him- still shit. but we are committed, and remember that if something doesnt really work on the show, that means its going to be around for quite a while...'

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