+ 'i'm very excited cause its friday, and the big movie out, i've been waiting for it all year', craig ferguson shares, 'legend of the guardians is out. you know, the big owly movie, the owls of gahooliehoolieo or something. oh boy, thats a bit of a mouthful for the title. they should just call it 'owls in 3D, bitch!'. these arent your fathers weak ass 2 dimensional owls, they are 3D owls! it will seem like owls are diving right at your face! if i wanted that i would just glue a mouse to my forehead. actually, i might do that, i've got a slow weekend ahead. the movie is based on a series of kids books about owls. a real kids book by a real writer, not a celebrity who slaps their name on a book. like madonna wrote a book called 'mr. peabody's apples', kathy lee gifford i think wrote a kids book called 'party animals', even jay leno wrote a kids book. what was it called again? oh, i think it was 'goodnight conan'. now i dont know why it took hollywood this long to make a movie about owls because owls are awesome. they are! they are very interesting creatures, they've got tiny bodies and giant heads and they vomit out little furry pellets. they are exactly like the cast of desperate housewives. you can tell owl species apart by its hoots actually. a barn owl goes 'hooo' just like that, and a pottery barn owl goes 'hoo hoo moved the scented candles?' ive been thinking about owls lately, i have. next summer the winnie the pooh movie comes out and in it i do the voice of owl! it will be awesome. i was very excited to get the part, the minute i got the part i started gluing feathers onto my body and then i learned i was only doing the voice. but i kept on gluing because i look good in feathers. i'm glad i didnt get cast as pooh...'
+ geoff peterson shows off his interviewing skills by going to the red carpet of 'you again' and interviewing the celebrities

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