+ craig ferguson does a great monologue tonight, but the highlight was the conversation he had with geoff peterson, his robot skeleton sidekick, at the end: 'its kind of ending up on commercial break time' craig says.
'breaky poo?' geoff asks.
craig asks 'breaky poo?'
'in your pants!' geoff retorts.
'hey! hey!' an exasperated craig exclaims, 'see, when i first got the skeleton out to be my sidekick i thought it would be awesome. but now he's better than me. now i'm like, thats not so great. then i think, yeah, it is kind of good, cause soon i'll be replaced by a robot and i can do what i really want to do: bedazzle!'
+ geoff peterson covers the red carpet for the movie 'red'. he gets to talk to morgan freeman, richard dreyfus, 'weird al' yankovic, bruce willis, sylvester stallone, and even gets slapped on the face from john malkovich (as per craig's request)!
- drew carrey he even somehow cons craig into donating $10,000!

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