+ 'the big news everyone is talking about, it is the forth day of nobel prize week', craig ferguson shares, 'today they gave out the nobel prize for literature, which is very exciting. it guarentees monster sales. sorry, i'm thinking about oprah, the nobel doesnt mean a thing. i was hoping to get a nobel to go to me for my book of limerics this year: 'nantucket and other places you can suck it'. but instead the nobel went to the author mario vargas llosa. congratulations mario, thats super. thats super mario... anyway, mario is from peru where he is a beloved national figure, so in peru they celebrated with a big parade around lake titicaca, you can get there by motorboat, if you fall out you can just do the breast stroke... where is the nobel prize for innuendo? how about that? anyway, i'm not sure how you can judge literature, its very subjective. for every person who likes earnest hemmingway, there is someone who thinks that hes just a boring old drunk. i look forward to your letters, your well written drunken letters that contain no adjectives. hemmingway won the nobel prize for literature in 1954, and in 1953 winston churchill won it, so after those two collected their prize, sweden was completely out of booze! 'we vill have to import more booze- call mel gibson!' 'what are you talking about? its 1954, mel gibson is just a baby in australia!' 'yes, he's just a baby, but he's a drunken antisemitic baby!'. like many people, i thought cormac macarthy was going to win, anyway he didnt win. he's a american author who writes gritty american novels, but he didnt win. as a matter of fact, in the past 20 years only one american has won the nobel prize for literature, tony morrisson. who i think was in 'the doors'... there is definately an anti american bias, but it will change next year because snookie's book is coming out.'
> louis anderson this guy is surprisingly funny!

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