+ 'a las vegas landmark, more beloved than cher, is closing down', craig ferguson shares, 'the liberace museum is closing after 31 years. i notice that the audience is like 'huh?' and thats probably why its closing down! its closing down because of poor attendance. in this tough economy so many great museums are closing down, the mel gibson museum of tolerance, the arizona museum of mexican history... thats all i got. i actually love the liberace museum, so screw you guys! i've been there a few times. its closing on october the 17th, so make your travel plans accordingly. i loved liberace, he was all about glitz and glammer and putting on a good show- he was the polar opposite of me! now if you dont know liberace he was a world renowned pianist. he did more than just play the piano, he was an entertainer, a recording artist, a tv star. he was the steven tyler of his day, except he was more macho. he was the lady gaga of his day. its sad to hear about the liberace museum is closed. when ever i go to vegas i go there to hear his music, reflect on his life, get ideas for outfits! everything liberace owned was covered in sequins and rhinestones and glisteny things. there were a lot of rumors about liberace though, one of them is that he had his right hand surgically removed and replaced with a bedazzler. i dont think that one was true... when liberace was alive there were rumors that he might be gay. i dont know if it was true, but he might have been gay. you know in the 1950's a newspaper in england implied that liberace was gay and he sued them. and he won! that newspaper must have had the worst lawyers ever!'
+ paparazzi betty white stops by inform craig of the new photographer laws.

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