+ 'i cant believe i'm sick this week', craig ferguson exclaims, 'of all the weeks to be sick, why this one? this is the week i look forward to all year. this week is more exciting than shark week, or fashion week, or mystery meatball week at the cbs cafeteria. this week is, of course, nobel prize week! the nobel prize, of course, is the most prestigous award in the world, its even bigger then the golden globe. ugh. every day this week a different nobel prize is handed out by a mysterious shadowy group known as scandinavians. yesterday these 'scandinavians' gave out the nobel prize for medicine, today its the prize for physics, tomorrow they give out comedy/variety. i'll tell you right now its going to the daily show, it always goes to the fucking daily show! anyway, the nobel peace prize isnt announced till friday. lets be honest, thats the big one, the peace prize. its kind of like the oscar for best picture. today's award, the nobel prize for physics, its kind of like the oscar for best sound mixing, your parents might be proud, but everyone else is kind of like 'meh'. they have been giving out the nobel prize for medicine for 110 years, and during all that time no one has ever come up with something to do with the common cold, which in my present condition, is something thats important to me. i know what you are thinking, your thinking 'craig, what about 1996 when they gave the award to rolf zinkernagel for his insights into how the immune system attacks viruses' and i say no no, it was peter c. doherty who did all the work while zinkernagel sat on his fat ass. you heard me linkernagal, you lazy bastard! right now rolf zinkernagel is thinking 'what the fuck? i'm a scientist, man'. yeah, well, you'll never know when its coming, zinkernagel...'
+ chris hardwicke stops by to help answer the tweets and emails. they talk about dr. who. what a surprise...

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