+ 'its not such a great day for christine odonnell', craig ferguson admits, 'she's the woman who's running for senate in deleware, the one who has dabbled in witchcraft and doesnt believe in masturbation. oh yeah, nothing like a little crazy to spice up an otherwise boring election season. you know, if you are in the kind of job i'm in, this woman comes along and you are like 'oh thank you!' cause to be honest, i'm not really in to politics unless a candidate like this comes around. christine is busy making campain appearances, and today she is in hot water. she was caught lying about her educational background. she may not believe in pleasuring herself, but she thought her resume needed 'massaging'. what happened, until last week it said in her online profile that she attended oxford university, which is of course one of the most prestigious colleges on earth. steven hawking teaches at oxford, its where rhodes scholars go. now, oxford was founded back in the year 1096 by a group of extremely smart oxen. the truth is, she didnt go to oxford university. which is a shame, because oxford rugby team are called the fighting masturbaters. thats their nickname because they always choke. no, thats not true. she didnt go to oxford, it turns out she took a class from the pheonix institute who happened to be renting a classroom at oxford. thats not the same, its like saying that you are a tv star when really you are just on cbs in the middle of the damn night!'

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