+ 'its nobel prize week', craig ferguson shares, 'we are very excited. weve been celebrating all week with... um... and in stokholm they are giving out the nobel prizes all week, and today is the hump day of nobel prize week. friday they are going to give out the nobel peace prize, but today they are going to give out the prize for chemistry. the nobel prize is named after a chemist, of course, its named after alfred prize. no, its alfred nobel. he was a chemist, he was a swedish chemist who invented dynamite. it seems strange to give a peace prize named after a guy who invented dynamite. its like giving the masturbation award to that woman who is running for the senate in delaware... i know what you are thinking, 'craig, there is no award for masturbation'. you are right, masturbation is its own reward. every year after the peace prize is awarded there is a special concert held in norway. usually its hosted by a dignitary or diplomat, but in 2008 it was hosted by scarlett johannson and michael caine. i know! and they both gave speeches about world peace, scarlett johannson said 'i pray for peace between nations', and michael caine said 'i wouldnt mind a piece of scarlet johannson, ding dong oh la la!'.'

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