+ 'its a great day for our friends down in chile', craig ferguson shares, 'the 33 miners from chile are back with their families. well done, chile! if you are wondering were chile is, its the long thin country in south america, its the supermodel of south american countries. the chilean miners were trapped in a gold and copper mine for two months and one of them brought up souvenir rocks as presents for the rescuers, and the rescuers were like 'thats great thanks, but wasnt there any gold ones?' the miners were 2000 feet below the earth, thats pretty far down. how far down was it, craig? they were so far down the saw the devil preparing for justin bieber! anyway, it took a few weeks to establish communication with the miners. when the miners were first contacted they asked for just one thing, the first thing they asked for was toothbrushes. thats true! but unfortunately the first team on the scene was british. they were like 'toothbrushes? oh no! they've gone insane!' the mine though, must have been pretty crowded with 33 guys down there. basically it was one big room with a few tunnels running off of it, so the guys would use the tunnels to go to exercise or use the bathroom or to practice being interviewed by oprah. you know its coming! 'youre getting a free trip to australia!' 'thanks oprah, but we've already been down under'.'

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