+ 'its a great day on sesame street today', craig ferguson tells, 'the iconic childrens show started its 41st season. its offically 41 years old today, congratulations, sesame street. the cookie monster is going to have to switch to the low carb diet, today he sang 'c is for colonoscopy'. sesame street started back in 1969. it was very different back then, grover smoked weed, burt was a hari krisha, big bird went around cracking hippie skulls. my favorite character is oscar the grouch. he's a grouch, but lovable. i relate to oscar, he lives in a trash can, and i spent the 1980's in a dumpster. but whenever i see oscar i worry that the garbage man will accidentally empty him into the truck and crush him to death. i have the same worry about randy quaid. anyway, this show i think is a little bit like sesame street, we both appeal to 7 year olds, we both have puppets. sesame street though, is brought to you by letters of the alphabet, and this show is brought to you by the sham-wow and boner pills.'

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