+ 'today is a big day in america because today is flintstones day!' craig ferguson shares, 'yes! 50 years old today, the flintstones. congratulations and happy birthday. the flintstones are a close knit family of prehistoric cartoons. just like the jersey shore. the flintstones used the first eco friendly car- powered by feet. anyway, it was 50 years ago today that the flintstones premiered on tv, its a long time. you can tell fred is getting older, the worst part now is that on the flintstones for a prostate exam a doctor uses a triceratops. whenever i think of the flintstones i think of the theme song. in the last line of that song they sing 'we'll have a gay old time'. thats back when gay meant having fun. as apposed to now when it means really having fun! anyway, the flintstones was a groundbreaking show. why? it gave us flintstones vitamins. nothing screams good health like a tablet in the shape of an overweight caveman! the real reason the show was groundbreaking is because of fred and wilma. this is true, fred and wilma were the first couple shown in bed together in prime time tv. its true, before the flintstones, men and women on tv slept in separate beds. they would do that closed mouth kissing thing they used to show, then they would go to the bedroom, take their clothes off and sit in their underwear on separate beds. 'i'm really going to read to you tonight, margret!'.'

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