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with the release of craig ferguson's new book 'american on purpose', he has been making the rounds to support it. one place he has shown up in is the pages of entertainment weekly. he stopped by and gave a brief interview about what people can expect in the pages of his book. here is an excerpt from that interview:

Craig Ferguson is exposing himself. He's rolled up his cuffs to examine a sore spot on his leg where he fell off a horse. ''It was a f---ing Clydesdale as well,'' he says, then adds, ''When you fall off a horse, you should get back on it, but I didn't.'' Which is weird, because the actor, comedian, and Late Late Show host always gets back on the horse. Not always for the better. The first time he drank, he got wildly sick and punched a policeman — so he kept drinking and became a spectacular alcoholic. And when he was chased off stage for his misanthropic comedy character Bing Hitler? He kept doing the character and kept getting chased off stages. American on Purpose, Ferguson's raw, funny new memoir, is full of stories like these, and he rarely fares well in his own telling. ''That's the idea, isn't it?'' he asks. ''It's an autobiography — it might as well be honest.''
find the rest of the interview here.

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