+ 'august is a terribly brutal month', craig ferguson muses, 'even the name 'august' sounds hot and sweaty: aaauuughustt. the month of august got its name from the roman emperor august... actually, it was augustus. augustus must have been a really good emperor, he got a whole month named after him. all julius ceaser got was a salad, and an orange julius. i've always been fascinated by the roman empire. i've been to rome, it was founded in 750 bc by the twins romulus and remus. that's true, they were two twins, founded an empire, kind of like the olson twins! they came and they said 'we'll build our town here!' just like if the olson twins founded a town and it went on to dominate the world for a thousand years. and then in about 2000 years from now there will be a month named 'mary kate'.

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