+ 'i love to barbecue' craig ferguson shares, 'for me, a good barbecue, i love it, its like good sex. you have to let things heat up for a while, then you have to choose the right tool, everything should be covered in bbq sauce... i like the old fashioned taste you get when the bbq is wood smoked. you know there's a place on hollywood blvd. where they'll smoke your wood for 20 bucks. if you tell them i sent you they might put grill marks on your wiener... the best bbq i've ever had was in fort worth texas. in fort worth they have a bbq place called 'risky's', now you know the food is going to be good if they call the place 'risky's'. they like hot sauces in texas, at risky's theve got the 'hot death' sauce, 'satan's messenger', and 'burns when i pee'. these are their three hot sauces. when you have bbqs in l.a. its very tough because so many people are vegetarians. you've got your vegetarians and your pescatarians who are vegetarians who eat fish. or jerks, as i call them. i'm a vegetarian who eats fish and cows and pigs and chicken, and giraffes. oh yes, nothing says summertime like throwing a giraffe on the barbecue. 'come on, everybody, help me with the giraffe! alright kids, who wants neck?'.'
+ micheal caine's animal kingdom
+ betty white as an officer from san quinten

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