+ 'it's not a great day for america's school children', craig ferguson laments, 'its back to school day today, so on behalf of america's parents, god bless you schools. thank god! finally i can watch cartoons by myself. i love the summer time, but i can spend so much time at chuck e cheese, you know what i'm saying? i went so much this summer, the giant rat knows me! he's like 'good morning, craig', 'good morning chuck.' i'm getting a bit tired of their pizza as well, although i admit i still love the ball pit. when the kids come back to school today get get a bit of a surprise: president obama has a speech just for them, he said 'work hard, stay in school', he said some kids dont value education they just think they they will get rich if they just get on tv or something. i'm like 'ha!' as someone who dropped out of school and is on tv, he's right kids. dont end up like me, cbs in the middle of the night.'

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