+ 'i saw what happened during obama's speech to congress', criag ferguson declares, 'and i dont like it. congressman joe wilson of south carolina yelled during the speech. until then the speech was just normal, obama was talking everybody is like 'yeah yeah, blah blah, lets do good things, blah blah.' then joe wilson he's like 'you lie!' it caused a commotion amongst the other politicians, cause they were like 'how do you know? oh..'. now, i want to be very clear about this, i am not getting on congressman wilson's case for disagreeing with the president, he's absolutely, if he disagrees he disagrees. disagreement is what its all about- thats why we have republicans and democrats, boxers and briefs, rosie and trump, hall and oats, linens and things... every congressman has a vote, he should use it, but not in the middle of a speech to the joint sessions of congress, thats not when you do it- its not the jerry springer show! you dont stand up in the middle of congress and yell 'oh no, you did not!' what the hell is wrong with you?!? he says that his emotions got the better of him. sometimes i want to have sex with a hooker, but i dont! ...ooh, my inner dialog came out again, didn't it?'
+ celebrities read excerpts from craig's book

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